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Zara Humanization Meme :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 2 8
[WWF RP] And So They Say..
Marah played by FloatyPotato
Alina played by Koeyohte

Marah stretched as she walked away from her talk with Phoebus, leaving him to do whatever that brother of hers did. The golden female paused, hazel eyes looking around as te afternoon sun shine bright shafts of air down in the clearing. She perked her ears as an idea flickered in her mind.
Phoebus had told her that the Jova alpha female Alina had been found and brought to camp to stay until she was fit to leave. She hadn't been able to meet her yet.. She glanced around. Other things could wait.
Striding forward with smooth steps, she watched for the dark she-wolf she remembered seeing from time to time. Finally, she caught sight of Alina. Turning she made her way to the visitor.
"Hello, you are Alina?" She asked kindly, a soft smile touching her lips. "I'm Marah, Beta of Halo. Phoebus told me you were staying with us for a few days."
Alina's heavy eyelids fluttered for the hundre
:iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 0 2
WWF Springtime Meme- Hurahn :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 2 6 Get that rabbit!! :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 2 5 WWF | Marah | Halo | Beta :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 2 16 Sketch Dump 1 :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 1 0
Words with a Loner

Nova played by Nekktar
Zara played by FloatyPotato
Spokane Territory
*submitted through dA App*

" You little..." said a shewolf, as she flopped to the ground. Hunting was not her best was probably the one she lacked most in. She laid there with a dramatic huff before  getting up. The loner was again without food for a few days and she had yet to cross paths with someone worth stealing from. She had seen a few wolves but they looked too fast or two strong for her to make an easy steal.
She was near Spokane tribe territory, and she knew them to be fast. No wonder others called them rabbit chasers.
Zara watched as the lazy river current pushed slowly and quietly through thin ice flows, attempting to reach.. well, reach where-ever the water ended. Perhaps it didn't? The young Watashi could never suppress the torrents of interesting topics that raced through her mind when she had the time. She looked up at the warm teeth
:iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 0 0
Fishing with the Newcomer
Olin played by CuteFluffBall123
Zara played by FloatyPotato
Spokane Territory
*submitted through dA App*

The sun almost went down when Olin arrived back at the Spokane tribe's territory. He had a great time with the Nawayee hunter, Aleshanee. But in meantime he was shocked. He arrived here and soon realized his sister here and alive. But he still had a fear. Fear of she will be mad at him. And that would be right. He was wrong when he lost his mind. But he could forget a little these thoughts when he heard a noise near him in the bushes. Soon he saw a brown coated female came out. She was a member. But he didn't know much of him. So greeted. "Hello! I am Olin."
Zara  immerged from her small den as the twinges of hunger touched her senses. A small snack wouldn't hurt.. Maybe a rabbit.. or maybe a fish or two? Zara licked her lips at the thought of warm, fresh meat.
The fresh sprouts of green grass under her paws felt nice as she wa
:iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 1 2
Hurahn RP Head-Shot :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 2 12 AT~Jaynari :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 2 2 [WToA] Emptiness Inside :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 2 0
[WToA RP] Similarities
Spokane Densite and Territory
Late Morning
Hera played by AxesAndFoxes 
Zara played by FloatyPotato 

Hera just returned from the adventure of looking for herbs and other useful stuff for the tribe. Tired and with few new wounds, she didn't seem to change at all. Like always she was happy, but something didn't seem right with her. she wasn't social like she always used to be. 
Now resting in her den and watching other wolves walk past, she seemed to just seemed joy the fact that she was back home.
Days pasted and Hera still haven't left her den. She was quieter than usual, she hardly ate too. 
Hera was experiencing gilt, but no once could possibly know what happened in the mean time she was away.

With a tired yawn Zara trotted into the clearing of the den-site, some back to check in from her den not far off. Just the other day she had gotten another chance to say hello to Abina, and also hear the
:iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 1 0
WWF | Hurahn | Silvyn :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 2 34 WToA Gift Batch :iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 6 6
[Interview] Get to know Zara #1
Tagged by quite a bit of others <3
1. What is your real name, what does is mean, and what is your nickname?
"I think my name is too short for a nickname, but it means 'princess'."
2. How old are you?
3. What's you're favorite food?
"I've always loved pronghorn!"
4. How about your favorite drink?
"Water, is there something else?"
5. Who's your lover?
"Ha, nice try."
6. Have you kissed someone?
"No" =•_•=
7. Who was your childhood sweetheart?
"I don't remember being around others much besides Mom.."
8. Who's your favorite author?
9. What's your biggest fear?
"Hmm.. I'm terrified that one day I might bring harm to someone like a friend or family member.."
10. Do you have any siblings?
"I don't think so?"
11. Who's your hero?
"The ones who accepted me into the Spokane tribe."
12. And your worst enemy?
13. What about your best friend?
"I've met lots of others, I don't think I have one. Because there's Abina from Nawayee, she's nice, then there's Kaya, and a f
:iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 1 0
[WToA RP] Friends?

Location: Neutral grounds, closer to the mountains.
Time of day: Early Noon
Abina played by Koeyohte
Zara played by FloatyPotato

Abina climbed down from the rocky slope she had spent all afternoon on. It was near Ellkana's favorite spot, but she didn't dare visit that place in particular without him. She looked around as she stepped onto the cold ground. Her legs sank in the snow. It was good she didn't need to hunt for another while yet... she'd be nearly unable to in this.
She shook her coat and set off, steering far clear of Zhawan territory. She'd had another run in with that nasty Ahote... if he ever bothered her again.....
Zara grunted as she scrambled onto a narrow ledge in attempts to get a better view of the terrain. Unlike her tribemates, she didn't mind heights. Not too much, at least. The youth looked up at the clear, blue sky and smiled. No snow today!
Sitting down she let the warm rays of
:iconfloatypotato:FloatyPotato 1 2


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States

My Characters
Not allowed by pjuk Thank You... by jennyleigh

Ava | 19 | Female

Hello, welcome to my profile/page!
My name is Ava, you can call me whatever you want I honestly don't care haha ^^
I do both traditional and digital art, though it occurs when I am better at Literacy. I enjoy reading, and am a major lover of animals, which I mainly draw, though I attempt humans as often as possible as well!

I had an account a year or so ago, and have been coming on without one just to view things here and there. Finally I decided to make another! :)

I hope other will enjoy my art and literacy, I am always open for critique!

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Guys, it isn't hard to just reply to the featured comment. That's all I ask. It's very annoying when you can't follow a simple instruction, just to make my life easier. I like my page not to have a bunch of comments (especially hidden) all over in some jumbled mess on my page.

It's not hard. Really.
Anyone care to brainstorm on a new wolf group? :la:
Would you all be interested in Commission? I should have more art up soon. If so, how much would you be willing to pay?
Well, here I am, 19 years old. Looking at amazing artists with the same age.. why is it my art looks like crap lol?

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